sheet metal fabricatorsIn an industry full of sheet metal fabricators, ELO Engineering, Inc. stands out as a veteran supplier that consistently delivers quality products with a high level of added value. Founded as a family business in 1972, ELO has grown into a premier fabricator affiliated with Demmer Corporation, a world-class provider of many advancedmetal fabrication services for the aerospace, defense, energy, transportation and commercial industries.

We’re distinguished from other sheet metal component manufacturers not only by our longevity and relationship with Demmer Corporation, but also by our commitment to investing in our own facility. ELO Engineering, Inc. has more than $8 million in total equipment assets including flexible manufacturing systems, robotic welding equipment, large scale laser cutters, press brakes, and more. We also employ highly skilled and experienced workers to operate our equipment and contribute to our growth as a leaner, smarter manufacturer. Over the years we’ve mastered practices like kanban, point-of-use delivery, dock-to stock, and inventory forecasting that enable us to deliver quality components exactly where and when you need them. And unlike other steel fabrication companies, we offer turnkey solutions that can include everything from engineering services to kitting and component assembly. That means you’ll have fewer worries – not to mention P.O.s – with ELO as your supplier.

sheet metal fabricatorWe’re proud to have many long standing partnerships with customers because it proves that we’re truly committed to service and quality, as does our compliance with ISO 9001 and AS 9102. Additionally, our experience with a wide range of industries, from medical to transportation, proves that we’re versatile enough to handle any precision sheet metal fabrication job.

If you’d like to learn more about ELO Engineering, Inc., one of the most respected sheet metal fabricators in the industry, contact us today.