industrial screen printingELO Engineering, Inc. offers industrial screen printing as part of our commitment to delivering turnkey parts solutions. Whether you need screen printing for component identification or simply to help with branding, you can rest assured our professional manufacturing staff will produce components with all of the tolerance and markings you require.

We have modern silk screening and vacuum exposure painting equipment, and are also equipped to provide a variety of other finishing services including, liquid painting, metal powder coating, etching and deburring. As an affiliate of Demmer Corporation, a vertically integrated aerospace and defense manufacturing company, ELO can also manage a wide range of other integrated manufacturing and finishing processes through our related metal fabrication companies. We even provide kittingand assembly services after finishing, so our customers can receive parts ready for use in dock-to-stock or JIT operations.

Above all else, we’re focused on delivering parts that are built to print and meet our customers’ demands. We’ve achieved both ISO9001 certification and compliance with AS 9102, so you can rest assured we’ll deliver parts within tolerances of ±0.010.  We can even provide engineering support to help refine your parts by improving their effectiveness or reducing the cost of production.

To learn more about our industrial screen printing services, or any of our manufacturing capabilities, contact ELO Engineering, Inc. today.