precision metal fabricationELO Engineering, Inc. has provided precision metal fabrication services to aerospace and defense contractors for more than 30 years. Our aerospace machine shop has both ISO 9001 and AS9102 certifications and is audited twice annually to make certain we’re constantly able to meet these strict industry standards. We’re also capable of achieving tolerance levels of just ±0.01, which allows us to make the high-performance, tight-tolerance metal components businesses in these sectors demand.

We offer a full range of precision metal fabrication services including punching, machining, laser cutting, tooling and welding for Corten steel, stainless steel and aluminum. However, at ELO, we provide our customers far more than just precision sheet metal parts. We deliver turnkey product solutions that simplify your supply chain. Our team of skilled engineers can offer design improvements that reduce the cost of production and improve a part’s performance. We also offer many in-house finishing processes including powder coating, screen printing, kitting and assembly. By consolidating these precision fabrication services, you’ll save both time and money in your production.

ELO has invested millions in training our staff to use industry best practices so we can meet the strict budgets and timetables aerospace and defense companies require. We can accommodate Kanban and JIT production, and ensure the efficiency through every step by adhering to lean manufacturing and 5S principles. This allows us to maintain a high on-time delivery rate and keep our precision metal fab costs affordable for our clients.

For more information on our precision metal fabrication capabilities for the defense and aerospace industries, contact ELO Engineering, Inc. today.