medical contract manufacturingIf you need contract manufacturing services for medical equipment and components, ELO Engineering, Inc. is the experienced company you can trust to produce quality parts on strict timetables. Our company has more than 30 years of sheet metal fabrication experience and we’ve invested millions in both our facility and staff training to ensure our team has the skills and equipment needed to meet our customers’ demands. These capabilities, along with our experience working with many companies in the medical sector, make us the ideal contractor for this precise work.

We offer a full range of metal fabrication services, from laser cutting and robotic welding to tooling and CNC machining. ELO also provides a number of finishing processes such as powder coating, industrial screen printing, kitting and partial or complete part assembly. In fact, our company can provide turnkey solutions incorporating any mix of our services you require, along with engineering support for design improvements that can reduce the cost of production or increase the level of performance of your parts. By consolidating all of the medical contract manufacturing services you require at ELO, you’ll be able to simplify your supply chain and billing, while saving both time and money on your parts.

For all of our contract manufacturing services, we adhere to industry best practices to ensure we maintain exceptional quality control and a high rate of on-time delivery. Our facility is both ISO 9001 and AS9102 certified, and audited twice annually to make certain that we’re constantly meeting these high standards. We’ve received training on principles such as 5S and lean to minimize wasteful production, lowering prices for our customers. ELO is also able to schedule production according to JIT and Kanban, so our customers receive the products they need precisely on schedule.

To find out more about our medical contract manufacturing services, contact ELO Engineering, Inc. today.