contract manufacturing servicesWhen you need a sheet metal fabricator with experience providing contract manufacturing services to the automotive industry, ELO Engineering, Inc. is the experienced company you can rely on for precise work on strict schedules. Our company has invested millions in advanced production equipment and training for our staff to ensure we meet the most rigorous manufacturing standards. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry and as an affiliate of Demmer Corporation, one of the nation’s leading aerospace and defense manufacturers, our clients can rest assured that we’ll have their products built exactly to their specifications and delivered on schedule.

We’re capable of precision fabrication to tolerances of ±0.01 and have been certified for both ISO 9001 and AS9102, so our work is always of the highest quality. ELO also conforms to industry best practices such as lean manufacturing, Kanban, JIT and 5S to keep production costs low and to meet the strict production schedules the automotive industry demands.

We offer a full range of services including, machining, laser cutting, punching, welding, forming and tooling, making it easy for our customers to have all of the contract manufacturing services they need done in one place. In addition to these services, we offer engineering support, several finishing processes, kitting services and assembly all in-house, which can further consolidate your supply chain, reducing costs and saving time in production.

To find out more about the contract manufacturing services we offer for the automotive industry, or our medical contract manufacturing services, contact ELO Engineering, Inc. today.