quality fabricationELO Engineering, Inc. believes in putting quality first in our fabrication services, and we maintain strict compliance with AS9102 and ISO 9001 in our facility. We’re voluntarily audited twice annually to ensure we consistently deliver the precision parts our customers have come to expect, and constantly monitor metrics such as PPM to track our performance.

We’ve achieved this high level of quality by investing millions of dollars in our facility and staff. Equipment such as our Finn-Power flexible manufacturing system and Hobart/Yaskawa robotic welding system ensure we can provide outstanding precision and quality in our sheet metal fabrication work, with tolerances capabilities of ±0.01. We’ve also cross-trained our staff on our equipment to improve our shops’ efficiency, and use lean manufacturing and 5S principles to minimize waste and reduce costs. We’re also skilled at providing integrated manufacturing to accommodate kanban, dock-to-stock and JIT, which allows us to maintain a very high on-time delivery rate.

In addition to providing high quality fabrication for your parts, ELO offers a range of value-add services which can simplify your supply chain and ensure the same level of quality throughout production. We offer professional liquid and powder painting services, along with other finishing processes such as deburring, etching, kitting, and assembly. As an affiliate of Demmer Corporation, a national leader in vertically integrated manufacturing, we can also manage a wide range of other finishing processes, which simplifies your supply chain while ensuring you get the highest quality components.

For more information on our AS9102 quality compliance, or our fabrication capabilities for various industries, contact ELO Engineering, Inc. today.